Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

What do your lab results really mean about your health?

There are two main types of ranges in the field of blood chemistry analysis: a pathological range, and a functional range. The pathological range is used to diagnose disease; the functional range is used to assess risk for disease, before the disease develops. The references that are provided with laboratory test results are referred to as “the pathological range,” because if the test results are out of range, it usually indicates potential for pathology or disease.

The main difference between the functional range, and the pathological range, is the degree of deviation allowed within their normal range. The functional range for glucose may be 85 – 100 mg/dl, but the pathological range may be 65-110 mg/dl. Levels above the pathological range may indicate diabetes. Levels above the functional range, before they reach the extremes of the pathological range, may indicate insulin resistance and future risk for developing diabetes.

I have been told by many clients that their blood work is normal and when I look at it from the functional perspective there are nutritional deficiencies or a need for additional lab testing.

We use the functional range when evaluating our clients. We get incredible results with very difficult cases because we are willing to take a step back and look at the WHOLE person, not just a diagnostic label. When we see shifts out of the functional range we are going to analyze that in conjunction with a detailed history and nutritional discovery. Glancing down at a lab report and saying everything is “normal” because all the values fall within the “pathological reference range,” is lazy and a huge disservice to the client.

The information obtained from the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis allows us to give you critical nutritional advice on your chemical state. Following this analysis, we can determine what is right lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplemental support for you. Abnormal physiological levels are a warning signs that disease may be inherent in your future.

Allergies and infections can also be picked up by the blood chemistry analysis.

The program will also give you insight on what foods you need in your diet and the appropriate quantities of that food. Supplements will be introduced to support your diet and make up for the insufficient levels of minerals and vitamins we consume today. Chemical pollutants, preservatives, additives, and cooking are all causes for a depleted level of vitamins and minerals in our bodies.

The Functional Health Report is such a powerful tool for finding the factors that harm your body and is essential in correcting those problems. Normally this service costs $180 but we are offering the Functional Blood Analysis report with a 30 minute review of the results with our nutritionist for $127.

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If you have a blood work report that is less than 3 months old, we can use that to determine your wellness if appropriate panels have been run. If not, we can give you instructions for your doctor to get the proper testing for you. Your test results will be analyzed by our nutritionist and you will be provided with a detailed report of findings. Our nutritionist is trained in Blood Chemistry Analysis and takes the time to review your results with you and explains what they mean. Schedule your appointment today.