Functional Nutrition Services

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of looking and feeling our best. Our bodies are constantly working hard; growing and repairing, providing energy, digesting food, thinking and so much more. In order to do this it needs raw materials found in food.

We wouldn’t put regular gas in a diesel car and expect it to work, but many people eat food that is not fueling them effectively. Our bodies don’t necessarily completely stop with the wrong gas but that does not mean we are functioning at an optimum level.

In order to keep our bodies in good health we need the right balance of nutrients for nourishment, energy and vitality. Yet, the pressure of modern life can translate into poor eating habits and the quality of our food can be very low on our list of priorities.

To top it off there are so many conflicting messages in the media making it hard to figure out what to eat – the wrong food can cause significant consequences for your health.

By eating the right food you can potentially improve numerous health conditions:
• gain more energy
• improve digestion
• minimize risk of disease
• optimize your physical and emotional well-being
• enhance performance
• loss weight

This is not something that we can get wrong.

If you’re suffering with health issues that never seem to go away why not book an appointment, and we can devise a plan to meet your needs.

You don’t have to live on salads to achieve results. The key to optimizing your nutrition is through the understanding, practicality, and enjoyment of food.

Understanding – the knowledge of your own unique nutritional needs and the scientific evidence to address those needs.

Practicality – making good nutrition a simple and achievable part of a busy lifestyle.
Enjoyment – because food should be a pleasure, tasting great and nourishing us at the same time.

Combining a clear understanding of biochemistry, food energetics and our complex relationship with food, I offer a warm and inspiring approach with practical ideas, encouraging you to take back control and responsibility for your own health and well-being. In both one-to-one consultations and as a lecturer and teacher, I share tools, knowledge and inspiration gathered over many years to help you restore a state of balance and clarity. Helping you nourish yourself fully again.

Find out more about how to look and feel your best with a nutrition consultation.

First step

Sign up for your initial functional nutrition appointment.

Before Your First Consultation

When you have booked your consultation you can expect an email from the HIPPA complaint platform requesting health history information including a food diary. This is very thorough and takes awhile to fill out. It is not necessary to complete it in one sitting. Keep the food diary for at least three days; the more days included will help me understand your eating habits even more. Be honest about where you’re at that will give us the best roadmap to get you to where you want to be. Complete the intake at least 24 hours before the appointment and fax any available bloodwork.

After Receiving Intake Form

The Intake Form will be reviewed prior to our appointment. I’ll start compiling a list of diet, supplement and lifestyle changes for you to try, plus any additional lab tests to identify the root of the problem. This is exciting because there are many ways that we can improve your health.

First Consultation

The initial consultation can occur via phone or in person.

First, we will review the intake form and make sure that I understand everything and know what you have tried in the past.

From there, together we will work on the action steps, I believe you should take to get you feeling healthier as quickly as possible.

Through highlighting the areas in your health and well-being that need to be worked on, we will together create a realistic strategy that addresses these issues. You’ll come away with an understanding of the nutrition issues relevant to you, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

If you have any recent blood work, this will be discussed during your consultation.

This session takes between 90-120 minutes.

A Few Days After First Consultation

A few days after your appointment, you’ll get a plan that includes your customized action steps. This will vary from case to case but typically includes dietary and lifestyle changes, a personalized supplement routine and recommended additional lab tests along with handouts with additional supportive information.

Though I prefer food for nutrition there are some circumstance that I may suggest some supplementation with vitamins, minerals or herbs.

I stock some supplements, if I don’t have the one we decide you need I will advise which ones to buy and from where.

Follow Up Consultation

2-3 weeks after your initial consultation. We have a 20 minute follow-up to discuss about how its going and making any necessary modifications.

Additional Follow Up Consultations

It is usually beneficial to have follow up consultations, it is helpful to talk about how you are responding to the changes, and how you are finding the plan. It is a good time to make slight changes to the protocol, and to see how we can make the changes last for a lifetime!

If you have had any tests carried out, then this is a great time to go through them, and I can explain the results to you.

This session takes between 30-45 minutes.

Schedule your appointment.


All the information you share will be treated in the strictest confidence. Your details will not be used for any purposes, other than, for your nutritional care, or to contact you for appointments.