It is well known that the microbiome in the gut play an important role. For some people this microbial population is composed of more bad guy than good ones. Until recently there was no way to know the gut composition.

I am excited that I have found a company that will map the gut microbiome. I have become an affiliate of the company. The company is “Thryve” and after getting the results the company offers a customized probiotic to meet your specific needs. With the test kit there is a comprehensive report with suggestions.

My affiliate link offers a 10% discount.

I am in the process of being tested. The test kit is easy to use and comes with a box to mail it back to the company. I did my test last week and mailed it the same day back to the company. It takes about 4 weeks to get the results back. I am looking forward to learning how I can get my gut to “Thryve”. I invite you to do the same.

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