“Nutrition Response Testing is a study of how different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each and every organ and function of the body.”

— Dr. Freddie Ulan


It’s a very precise method using the body’s own Neurological Reflexes to identify weaknesses caused by food or immune related changes, heavy metals or toxic chemicals, and to identify what supplements, or combination of supplements, your body actually needs to help it improve it’s systemic functions, i.e. Central Nervous, Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine and other Bodily Systems.  It can also identify specific organ nutritional challenges.

Imagine finding a way for your body to actually tell us what it needs and the sequence in which to address these “needs”.

The Neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the functions of each and every organ.

Nutrition Response TestingSM is a study of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and the flow of energy in each and every organ and function of the body.

You may have several weak areas, but these areas may all be weak as a result of one central focal point.  Very much like opening a combination lock, you must use the right numbers in the right sequence and in the right direction at the right time-then the lock falls open.

Each Nutrition Response TestingSM reflex represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, and indicates the effects that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body.

By testing these reflexes, we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit that has proven to be extremely accurate clinically, which helps us identify exactly what the body needs and how well we are meeting that need.

By following the correct sequence revealed through Nutritional Response TestingSM, you don’t “shotgun” your diet or supplements.

We can determine the correct food supplements for you – “designed” to give your body the best possible chance of getting well and staying that way.

Highly concentrated therapeutic supplements are made available to you in tablets, capsules, liquid or in powdered form to “supplement” your current diet.  That’s why they are called “food supplements”.  This gets your body back in control of it’s own health.

It is possible to restore your health.  What could be more natural?  What could be more correct?  Each cell, tissue, and organ in your body is in the process of replacing itself every day, month, and year.   The health of each organ is dependent on the taking the correct nutrients.

Depending on your individual situation, we might also require that you make some specific changes in your diet and eating habits, and in your routines, in order to bring about the best possible result.

You decide how quickly you want your body to be healthier.



Designed Clinical Nutrition is not “over-the-counter” vitamins.  Over-the-counter vitamins are pharmaceutically engineered chemical fractions of vitamin structures reproduced in a laboratory. They are not “Whole Food,” and the body does not actually recognize these as anything even vaguely beneficial.

Because they are not made from whole foods, “over-the-counter” vitamins lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in WHOLE foods.

An example of whole food could be carrots. Carrots are high in Vitamin A Complex.  A “complex” is something made up of many different parts that work together.  Synthetic Vitamin A does not contain the whole “Vitamin A Complex” found in nature.  If one actually were deficient in any of the components of Vitamin A Complex, one would be wise to seek out a supplement that was made from whole foods that were rich in this complex – not from chemicals re-engineered in a laboratory to look like one little part of the Vitamin A Complex that has erroneously been labeled as “Vitamin A”.

“Designed Clinical Nutrition” is exactly that: designed (especially prepared based on a specific plan) clinical (pertaining to the results gotten in clinical use or actual practice on huge numbers of clients over many years) nutrition (real food, designed by nature to enable the body to repair itself and grow healthfully). There is a great deal of technology and know-how behind this process.

This type of testing has been designed through decades of clinical use on tens of thousands of clients, and on clients from many different types of health care practitioners.  You can be assured that Nutrition Response TestingSM is capable of evaluating and solving your health concerns.

A complete Nutrition Response TestingSM analysis can be performed on each client on each subsequent visit thereby revealing the next layers of dysfunction, so these can also be addressed and corrected.

Many health care professionals across the country are joining forces in learning this incredible technique.  The results for improving health have been in the 90% and better range.

This testing is very different from anything you may have experienced before.  It has helped me improve my health.

In medical practices there are two key parts:  diagnosis  (identifying and/or naming the “disease” or syndrome) and the treatment  (drugs, surgery etc.)

In Nutrition Response TestingSM we do not diagnosis nor treat any disease – but we also have two parts:  we do an analysis first and then we design a personalized natural health improvement program (using designed clinical nutrition) to help you handle what we find in our analysis of your body and condition.



This testing has shown that many people have eaten themselves into their current state of ill health, to one degree or another.  The deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity, and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses (chemical, microscopic, or otherwise).  The good news is that it is possible to reverse the process!