One-on-One Whole Foods Nutrition Consultation

What does a healthy diet look like? With all the fads, hype and questionable advice out there, it is a hard question to answer. Karen’s one on one consultation with individuals is a way to get a Dietary Analysis utilizing the Functional Medicine approach. The consultation will focus on your health history and symptoms you may be facing that can be altered through the use of nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation. Together, we will create a step-by-step plan to help you get on the right track to health and wellness. The focus of the plan will be a whole foods nutrient dense diet that nourishes the body. The type of diet is personalized depending on your goals, food allergies or sensitivities and state of health. The dietary recommendations can be designed to support gastrointestinal healing, detoxification needs, the immune system, exercise recovery, weight loss, as well as reduce inflammation and hormonal imbalances.

Often, the dietary recommendations evolve throughout the nutritional counseling process depending on feedback Karen gets from you and how well your body is responding to the recommendations. Karen believes that with every bite of food we eat, we are creating either a state of health or disease within our body. Nutrition is the foundation to health. Karen is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

Consultations can be conducted at one of my office locations or over the phone.