Jump Start Your Health

Are you ready to jump start your health? This 3-4 month plan will give you the perfect launch to a better you. learn more

One-on-one Whole Foods Nutrition Consultation

What does a healthy diet look like? With all the fads, hype and questionable advice out there, it is a hard question to answer. Karen’s one on one consultation with individuals is a way to get a Dietary Analysis utilizing the Functional Medicine approach. The consultation will focus on your health history and symptoms you may be facing that can be altered through the use of nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation. learn more

Pick My Brain

Have some nutrition questions but don’t want to establish a client-practitioner relationship with me? Give me a call! This session is 45 minutes long and is all about you – ask me anything you want about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, career…you name it!

I’ll answer any questions you might have, but I don’t review any medical history and I can’t make completely individualized recommendations for you because of that. If you’re looking for something like that, I highly suggest you sign up for Whole Foods Nutrition Consultation or The Complete Makeover above. This session doesn’t include email contact before or after the session, but those 45 minutes are all yours. Ask away.

Cooking Demonstrations

Demonstrations on how to prepare and cook four recipes that align with your personalized nutrition plan. Cost of groceries are included. This can be done at your home or mine. If in your home we will together look at your pantry and fridge and discuss healthy changes you can make to move towards better health. In my home I will show you different cooking tools and some must have foods in the cabinet and on the spice rack.

My Home

Your Home