Jumpstart Your Health

Ready to jump-start your health? This 3-4 month plan will allow us to work together and give you the perfect launch to a better you. 

Nutrition Consultations

Karen will review your health history and symptoms you may be facing to make recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes.

12 Day Detox Program

No fad diets, no pills, no meal substitute protein shakes or powders, can do what the 12-day Detox can do for you, naturally!

Cooking Demonstrations

Demonstrations on how to prepare and cook 4 recipes that align with your nutrition plan. At your home or mine.


3 Months

This 3 Month Program is the perfect jumpstart to help you exceed all of your health and wellness goals! 

6 Months

Over 6 months we’ll work together to reach your health goals in a large number of areas to improve your health!

9 Months

9 months is significant. In 9 months you can build new life in more ways than one. Let’s build a new one for you today.

12 Months

In one year, just ONE year, you can make lasting changes that will impact you for the rest of your healthy life.

28 Day Cleanse

Get in touch with your inner self.  Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. 

Lighter Life

You will be diving into what makes you tick and creating the fundamental changes you desire.

Fun & Healthy

You’ll love it, it’s a fun approach to weight loss with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Sleep Program

Having trouble sleeping? In just 12 weeks you’ll learn why and how you can improve on it!

7 Day Gut Health

You don’t heal a gut in 7 days. But you can get a good start and lay the foundations of good health.

Healthy Gut

Understand how to transform your health starting where it all begins, the gut.


PURE was created to ensure a smooth, easy transition to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. 

Art of Aging

 If you are considering lifelong health, wellness, & well-being, this is the perfect program for you. 

NHI Bronze

Year long self-guided membership to a better, healthier you!

NHI Silver

Year long Membership with coaching to a healthier you!

NHI Gold

Year long Membership with coaching to a healthier you!

Have Questions? Pick My Mind

Have some nutrition questions but don’t want to establish a client-practitioner relationship with me? Give me a call! This session is 45 minutes long and is all about you – ask me anything you want about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, career…you name it!